image/afterimage: richard barker | ART COMMISSIONS
Artistic collaboration with others is one of my greatest joys. This may come from my many years in theatre, where it’s all about pooling everyone's unique talents to put together a show.

I love working with clients on pieces commissioned exclusively for a particular setting or event, such as a building dedication or a corporate retirement. It's a pleasure to hear them talk about what they do, why they love it and how they’d like to express themselves in the artwork I’ll be creating.

Like my abstract art, many of my commissioned pieces involve layered images, most provided by the client. They may be photographs of historic events, words that mean something to them, significant colors or concepts that move them. When needed, I photograph any buildings or people needed to complete the piece.

When we look at the finished work and the client says, “Wow, that’s us…but better!” I know I've succeeded.
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