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Image/AfterImage is not in the business of printing. While we are happy to handle printing if you like, we are photographers and our focus is on making great portraits. 

Which is why you’ll receive your Portraits on a disc, rather than paper. Post them on Facebook®, use them as screensavers, email them to friends – heck, you can even put them on cupcakes. Have them printed by one of the many affordable online printers or take them to the copy shop. It’s up to you.

Welcome to the new world of portrait photography. . .where you pay for all that goes into the creation of your personal artwork not the square inches of paper used for a print. It’s your image – use it as you like. 


PORTRAIT PRICES  (2 portrait minimum)

You will be able to choose your finished portraits from 20-30 images from each session.

Each Portrait you purchase is fully retouched and delivered to you on an archival quality Gold CD in .jpg format. You may specify what resolution(s) you’d like each portrait to be saved in or we will simply prepare them in standard high definition. All images will also be saved in a Facebook-friendly format.


     2-4 Portraits               $100.00 each

     5 Portraits                  $  90.00 each                 Save 10%

     6 Portraits                  $  85.00 each                 Save 15%

     7 or more Portraits     $  80.00 each                  Save 20%


The Portraits you purchase are licensed to you for personal use only.  They may not be resold or published in any manner without the permission of Image/Afterimage.



Each session runs approximately 90 minutes in length.


     1 Session                   $  75.00

     2 Sessions                 $135.00        Save 10%

     3 Sessions                 $191.00        Save 15%

     4 Sessions                 $240.00        Save 20%



Want us to handle the printing on archival photographic paper? We’ll be happy to…at these very good prices. 



     16.........$13.40                      48.........$23.00             

     24.........$17.60                      96.........$41.00             



     4"x5"  .........$ 6.00/copy                   11"x14"  .........$ 29.50/copy                

     5"x7"  .........$ 7.00/copy                   16"x20"  .........$ 96.30/copy                

     8"x10"  .......$13.50/copy                   20"x24"  .........$107.85/copy         


If you purchase at least 3 Portraits, we can also offer a very, very cool album for $150.  This beautiful 8"x10" hard cover keepsake includes all of the images from one session.


If you like, we also offer very competitive pricing for printing on any of the many surfaces available today -- metal, canvas, acrylic, pottery etc. 


REMINDER:  The portraits you purchase are licensed to you so you are not required to have us                                                            print anything for you.



And finally, let's break our own rules again and offer packages similar to old school pricing.