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PORTRAIT PRICES  (Minimum of 2 Portraits)

Each Portrait you purchase is fully retouched and delivered to you on an archival quality Gold CD in jpg format.  You may specify what resolution(s) you’d like each Portrait to be saved in or we will simply prepare them in standard high definition. 

If you order:

2-4 Portraits                     They will be $100.00 each

5 Portraits                        They will be $90.00 each  (Save 10%)

6 Portraits                        They will be $85.00 each  (Save 15%)

7 or more Portraits           They will be $80.00 each  (Save 20%)


The Portraits you purchase are licensed to you for any use other than resale or publication of that image.



SESSION PRICES  (Each session runs approximately 90 minutes in length)

1 Session                   $  75.00

2 Sessions                 $135.00        Save 10%

3 Sessions                 $191.00        Save 15%

4 Sessions                 $240.00        Save 20%


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Contact me for a consultation at or 319-310-8129