image/afterimage: richard barker | Tradition Info



We stress breaking the rules of Senior photography because we feel that much of the output in this field is boring. The same old poses, the same uninspired lighting, the same eerie grins from the student and the same old detachment that seems to have taken over the industry.  Traditional photography has become using people as mannequins.

Well, people aren't mannequins.  They're people...Living, breathing, moving, thinking people who have myriad emotions just waiting to be captured by a camera.  And traditional certainly doesn't mean boring.

To us, a Traditional Portrait is simply a very well thought out portrait.  Unlike journalistic rapid fire shooting that is used to catch immediacy and spontaneity the Traditional Portrait is to show you at your most beautiful.  We pay great attention to lighting you and relaxing you into the perfect environment for subtle expression.  We are aware of showing you off at your very best: Best facial expressions, best body line, best twinkle in your eye for what you'd like to express about yourself.  This takes  time, expertise and simply a good eye for the art of the picture. But most of all it takes communication with you and experience from us.

Sadly many students shy away from the "Traditional" portrait.  That's too bad because I'm afraid it may seem boring to them because they've seen it done so poorly so often. How many times must we be put into an uncomfortable position just waiting for the release of someone saying smile so we can unwind? For that matter, how many times must we be told to smile?

We promise to never make you smile if you don't want to.

Our Traditional Portraits can be some of the most favored by family and, yes, even the student.  Contrary to popular opinion, sometimes our kids like to look really good.  And our Traditional Portraits can definitely do that.